Sick Bugs, clean water and shiny teeth!

Sick Bugs, clean water and shiny teeth!

Black Magic – A drink to stop the voms fast*

As well as filter your water, whiten your teeth and more……

*Please note that this should only be taken at times of sickness, and should not be taken regularly. The charcoal is very effective at adsorption but it is not selective, therefore if you are taking medication, the contraceptive pill etc it can draw this out of your system too.*

This Black Magic genius saved us from a major vom fest. I thought you should all know about this as I wish I had years ago. There is so much sickness going about and if this helps any of you and your little people I will be so thrilled (I’ve already had messages saying it’s done wonders for their little ones, so keep it coming!)

This is the magic ingredient you will never want to be without:

Activated Charcoal 300mg 365 Capsules (not tablets) | One Year Supply of Triple Strength Activated Charcoal by Nu U Nutrition

Last week my tiniest was really sick. He threw up at 3am and then pretty much every half hour until 9. I was away, working, and felt so sad and helpless – he hasn’t been sick for a long time – as well as my poor husband who was on duty to another level suddenly! We needed the big guns, as fast as possible. So I talked him through my BLACK MAGIC drink, step by step. My husband was pretty much fully sceptic “but he’s not keeping water down, this black stuff is coming straight back up” he said as he stirred! But I said PLEASE TRY.

Phoenix was so tired of throwing up, and I persuaded him it was BLACK MAGIC, that he drank it down black moustache and all:


He fell asleep about 20 minutes later. And had a 2 hour snooze: (with the new kitty) And the magic went to work……


He was then totally transformed, back to normal, right as rain, asking to go back to school, and all that jazz! I was totally bowled over.

And here is the recipe, using this powder to sprinkle in, (not the tablets also on sale):

Activated Charcoal 300mg 365 Capsules (not tablets) | One Year Supply of Triple Strength Activated Charcoal by Nu U Nutrition

BLACK MAGIC DRINK – or how to stop the voms, runs or dodgy tums IMMEDIATELY


  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • water
  • 1 capsule of the charcoal above

Pour juice and some water into a glass. Break open the capsule and sprinkle powder into glass. Mix together well and use a straw if you want to make sure they’re not freaked by the blackness!

I am never going to be without this stuff again.


This amazing, ancient gem has gradually worked its way into my life. And I am now fairly wild about it and have a LOT of it doing so many different things. My favourite part of it is that I have finally managed to banish the Brita filter – it really does make tap water taste amazing! – that I’ve had for decades and was irking me with its big bulky plasticness. It’s a life-changing gem that I wish I had found out about years ago.

Used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years because of its powerful ability to draw toxins and chemicals out of the body, it has been used in the case of accidental poisonings here for a long time too.

After discovering Activated Charcoal in capsule form years ago, which worked a treat to help with bad gastro upsets, I was blown away by the lemonade version just to drink as a great detoxifying, zingy glass of goodness.

It works by adsorbing (yes not a ‘b’) the toxins onto is highly pours surface area. The positive ions attract the negative ions. Simply it works like this:

Carbon is 100% alkaline and is spinning with electrons making the substance highly electrical. Carbon’s negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) causing them to bind and then escorts them out of the body via the eliminative channel of the intestines.



Black + Blum Charcoal Filter, Black

By simply placing a stick of this wonder Carbon into a large bottle or jug of tap water, it purifies it for you. And when it’s spent – after 6 months – it still works by sitting in your trainers and drawing the stink out of them! (See number 5 below!)

The ones we bought to switch for our Brita Plastic we’d had for eons are these:

Sagaform Water Carafe with Oak Stopper

Read all the amazing things it adds to your water as well as everything it takes away here:

What is Binchotan Charcoal?

These sticks are really inexpensive and they last for 6 months – so much cheaper than keeping a Brita Filter up to date! And doing so much more.

Black + Blum Charcoal Filter, Black

They also have individual, portable, bottles with filters if you want to take them on the run:

Black + Blum Charcoal Filter Water Bottle, Blue

And if you want the whole chic look, they do beautiful carafes with a wooden stopper that come with their own charcoal stick:

black + blum eau carafe Jug


It’s been heralded as the greatest hangover cure, or prevention, but this tangy thirst quencher just makes me feel perky and great. And it does all that mopping up of toxins that we can’t help but accumulate in today’s world – particularly living in the big smoke as I do.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


    • 2 Cups water – do use sparkling if you want
    • 2 capsules activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal 300mg 365 Capsules (not tablets) | One Year Supply of Triple Strength Activated Charcoal by Nu U Nutrition

  • 1 lemon, juice and zest
  • 1 pinch Himalayan salt (or flakes)
  • (1 tsp maple syrup if you HAVE to, try without first)

Tip ingredients into a jug and whisk together. Serve over ice with a spritz of lemon the slice thrown in.

(My kids love this with half apple juice)

NB – If you are on medication it can hinder the absorption of this too, so make sure you drink this on an empty stomach, or with a gap from the medicine


As another string to its bow, you can use it to make your gnashers sparkle too! By using this powder to brush with, it pulls the stains and any bad stuff from the surface of your teeth and has been shown to make them whiter!

Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Co® | Manufactured in the UK


One of the original uses, and still used in A&E and emergency rooms to remove accidentally consumed poisons from the system harmlessly. I have used this on many occasions to help with tummy bugs.

It magically draws the bugs out of the stomach.

Activated Charcoal 300mg 365 Capsules (not tablets) | One Year Supply of Triple Strength Activated Charcoal by Nu U Nutrition



When your lovely sticks from your water bottles have run their course, you just place them in drawers, smelly trainers or anywhere that needs an air freshen up and they will miraculously pull the odours out!

I would buy them for this alone – they’re about £6 a go for all these uses!! Can you see why I’m obsessed?? Get involved:

Black + Blum Charcoal Filter, Black




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  1. Are these capsules ok for children? Just went to order and it said not for under 18s?

  2. Rebecca Short

    Charcoal also prevents nutrients being absorbed so shouldn’t be used daily. It’s used as part of medical procedure when people take overdoses. Use with caution.

    • Totally, I’ve said that it should only be used in times of sickness. Not on a daily basis.
      Thanks for your help. L

  3. Hi Lizzie, I”m all stocked up thanks to you. Just wondered if you had any idea how long it takes the charcoal filter to work on water…i..e once you’ve filled up the jug how long do you have to leave it to sit. My googling hasn’t given me a clear answer so I”m hoping you might know.

  4. Hi Lizzie
    After reading this fascinating post I bought the capsules you recommended but they say on the bottle they’re not suitable for under 18s. Is this advice to be taken with a pinch of salt, considering you gave it to your son?!
    Also would you advise to take one a day as standard or just when you’re sick? Is it more effective taken as a capsule with water or better dissolved in a drink?

    • Hi there, yes they are “covering themselves” – this is given in ERs to children and infants in cases of poisoning at much higher doses. I would only take if sick, nauseous or hungover!
      Take as a capsule and kids in a drink. L

  5. Can you take as an adult with an upset stomach or just take the tablet?

  6. Hey there! How much water do i add to the apple juice?

  7. Hi Lizzie.
    Thanks so much for the tips! I’m all stocked up now. Just wondering… if you felt you was getting the vom bug yourself, would you make the same drink for you or just take the capsule?

  8. Hi Lizzie, is the charcoal drink safe to have whilst pregnant? Thanks for a great blog post

    • Lizzie King

      Hi there, it is safe, but you must NOT take regularly, especially if pregnant as it can draw vitamins and medication etc out of your system too.

  9. Hi, you questioned whether it’s ok for pets… it’s what my vet suggested at Xmas when my dog ate 2 chocolate oranges and 2 bags of gold coins including foil!

  10. Does it not stop a sickness bug from leaving your system fully?
    A bit like taking Imodium for diahhorea it stops the dishhorea symptoms but therefore stops the bug effectively leaving your system? As I am a believe of starving bugs & letting the leave your system in the rotten way they do.
    Hope this makes sense x

    • Lizzie King

      Hi there,

      No it’s the opposite! It adsorbs the bug and escorts it straight out of your body. I’m so with you, I’m not a fan of just stopping the systems.

      Good luck, and I hope you don’t deal with this soon.


  11. Hey Lizzie
    Everyone in my house has the sickness bug apart from me. If I take some charcoals could it stop me from catching it??

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