Cool kit for healthy holidays

Cool kit for healthy holidays

We just survived a 17 hour drive with 3 kids, and no stopping……you need to know how we managed it, because believe me these crucial pieces of kit made ALL THE DIFFERENCE between a nervous breakdown at 3am in a French petrol station and a speedy recovery and all back to sleep!

Packing is my absolute nemesis. And I am so bad at it I always leave it until the last possible minute. But with three small humans to be in charge of, no time for prep, and a basic desire to keep everyone well and happy whilst we’re away, I’ve learnt that there are some totally crucial pieces of kit that change the game.

So I’ve got them together for you here. Some old favourites I’ve used forever that I can never do without and some snazzy tricks I’ve just learnt, Ive got it all together for you.

So if you’re getting packed up for half term, the weekend or another holiday coming have a read. Stay happy, healthy and calm whilst on your holidays!

               1.    VITAMINS As a serial vitamin taker, when I’m heading away from home for any length of time, I always scramble around counting pills and shoving them in pots then not knowing what is what when I get there. So I was wildly excited by the genius idea that the people at Vitl Health have got together. A bespoke daily vitamin supply that comes in handy strips with the day of the week on each so you really can’t mess it up! It’s actually the only way I can tell what day of the week it is on holiday right now. The app is free to download, and they will tailor a daily vitamin supply for you. I really think this is a winner, so I got a special treat for you, if you use LIZZIELOVES you will get a whole month of vitamins for £10. Give it a go, and tell me it doesn’t mean a ton less stress in your life. Being well should be this easy!


             2.   SUN These all mineral and delicious smelling suncreams from JASON that I love for the kids, are

Jason Natural Cosmetics – Earth’s Best Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Fragrance, tear, paraben free 4 oz by Earth’s Best
and the family version that is SPF 30:
Jason Natural Cosmetics Mineral Sunblock 113 g


             3. SLEEP I went to the lovely opening of NEOM Organics new shop last week, and discovered this genius lot of miniatures that you can shove in your wash bag to keep holidays happy. The Lavender Sleep Mist is like Dorothy in those poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz for my kids, and I am NOT leaving home without it. They have a deal on their minis right now, so get over and have a look.


             4. ALL Purpose DREAM CREAM  That stuff that you hear of but never track down. This Coconut Oil  Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil – 168g has been a baby bottom smoother, rash cream, hair oil, sunburn soother and dry skin joy for everyone. It’s top quality, organic and smells amazing.


             5. FOODIE MUSTS A couple of extras stash din my suitcase make all the difference to a plane journey as well as the rest of the holiday. A bag of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 250g transforms a boiled egg, a tomato or anything when you’re running on empty it’s a life saver, I have a stash in my handbag at ALL times.

And a little pot of Colmans Engligh Mustard 100g keeps me happy, but is not a necessity for most people! An avocado, a lemon and a few boiled eggs are great packing survival add ons.


             6. WRAP UP To wear, to wrap a baby, to cover your head in the sun, the gorgeous MARLOE LUXURY WRAPS are a multi tasking magic.  I use mine as a pillow in the car, a scarf to go out and a sarong on the beach.You can also get them initialled and personalised.


7. MAGIC MEDICAL KIT These two tubes have been everywhere with me and are the best all purpose ointments for cuts, grazes, burns, rough skin etc. This one is famous and an Australian godsend:Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g | Pawpaw Cream Imported Directly From Australia

And for its incredible Manuka Honey healing powers this is a genius wound gel that I have in my handbag too: Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel 25g

Please let me know if there are travel hacks you have found this holidays that I need to know about. I’m refining the art!


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