Grenfell Tower Fire Fund

Grenfell Tower Fire Fund

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So many families with NOTHING left please give if you can

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The Grenfell Tower fire has meant that so many families are left with nothing. Friends of ours and our children amongst them. My son was there welcomed many times by his friend.

The centres are so full of physical stuff they are filling vans and sending them away.

If you want to help, please give anything you can to our Just Giving Page which will go directly to the families affected. We will keep you up to date on here and my Instagram account.

But thank you all so much for such generous donations so far. Truly life-changing for these families who are utterly devastated.

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  1. debby partington

    Won’t let me sign up

    • Lizzie King

      If you go to the store cupboards bit. Fill in your email. And you’ll be added. Or send it to me and I’ll manually add you. So sorry.

  2. Rebecca Knight (glitterymarmite)

    Hi Lizzie I have pre-ordered and clicked the link from Instagram to get here, but I still can’t see how to get the above recipes. I’m on my iPhone, not sure if that makes a difference…

    • Lizzie King

      Click on the link where it says RECIPE BUNDLE, fill in your email and it will be sent straight to you.
      Let me know that you get them all. Hope you love them!

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