Mini Polenta Pizza Bites

Mini Polenta Pizza Bites

This Italian staple is a fast cook dual purpose wonder food. The first time round it’s creamy and mash like and you can serve it up with a meaty stew.

Make double what you need and leave the remainder of it in the fridge where it hardens,

Then you can make this lovely instant food – slice it up in rounds and fry to a crispy tasty base, side or into sticks as a good olโ€™ chip. It’s ground maize and naturally gluten free with good carotenoid content for bones, teeth and eyes. These are topped with spinach pesto and slow-roasted tomatoes.


  • 250ml (add more if needed) water or stock
  • 250g quick cook polenta
  • Sprig Rosemary
  • 25g butter or coconut oil
  • 60g grated parmesan (optional)

For the toppings

  • 1/4 cup pesto
  • 1/2 cup sundried or slow roasted tomatoes

Pour the liquid into a large, heavy-based pan along with a pinch of sea salt and a rosemary sprig and bring to boil.

Then add the polenta in thin streams, whisking continuously. Stir for 2 or 3 minutes until it thickens.

Stir in the butter and cheese, if using. Serve warm as a delicious side like this.

Then create the pizza bites with the leftovers by placing in a cylindrical pot in the fridge overnight.

When hardened, slice or cut out ยฝ โ€œ rounds and fry in a little oil in a pan. A few minutes on each side until brown and crispy.

Add pesto and tomatoes or other toppings you fancy like cheese, ham etc. And crunch away.

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