Top tips to Switch up and Ditch the Plastic

Top tips to Switch up and Ditch the Plastic

Mortified by the amount of plastic water bottles I was getting through I made a plastic pledge a few weeks ago. In case you missed it I decided to try and make my plastic load lighter in July. I started by no longer buying plastic water bottles – when I realised the stark truth about recycling and the plastic mountain building.

The damage to the planet, to us and our children by the hormone disruptors in plastic is enough to want to stop using it so much. So I’ve got a little list of

The worst offenders by far and the easiest things we can do to change up our habits are swapping out the following single use plastic:

  3. BAGS


Instead of the deluge of water I was getting through every week, I started using recyclable bottles, there are tons on the market now. I love these for keeping things cold/hot and not being breakable:


Or go glass with a silicon protection:


I’ve been filling up mine with tap water that I filter using a Brita Water Filter and it’s tasting great for those worried about tap water. I’ve got a big one as we get through a LOT of water, but they have different sizes:


Plastic straws are big culprits in the single use, thrown away, end up in landfill category. And it’s so easy to stop using them. Easier, cheaper and better for everyone. Thats what I’m trying to aim for with all of these changes.
There are stainless steel options that look pretty and my kids seem to love:

Or gorgeous bamboo ones for mega sustainability points and an island vibe for a cocktail!:



Again, as soon as I realised how much I use this and how nasty it is, in landfill as well as touching all my food, I was desperate to rid my house of it, but what on earth does the same job??
This genius invention – Bees Wax Wrap – does everything cling film does, without the plastic landfill or ocean destruction.
Made of beautiful patterned cloth, beeswax and resin, it is:

  1. All Natural
  2. Re-usable
  3. Clean – Anti-bacterial
  4. Bio-degradable
  5. Perfect as sandwich bags, bread wrap, fruit pockets it folds into anything!

So I’ve got really excited about this and I spoke to them and sorted a super special deal for all my readers: ENTER LLH at checkout and you get FREE DELIVERY and a FREE WRAP with every order!

And I’m going to be giving away a whole batch of these beauties on Instagram, so stay tuned.


I feel like my home is overrun with lovely, cloth totes, but in case yours isn’t, and to make sure you can get to the shops without using a TON of unnecessary plastic bags, keep these in your handbag, or in the boot of your car, or the underbid of your buggy, and you’ll never forget them. SAY NO to the plastic bags!

These are some basic everyday ones everywhere, I like the net/mesh ones for their expandability and they’re as cheap as chips:


And then there are some really beautiful ones like these made from recycled Sailcloth, so you’re already recycling! Bonus points all round. And they double up as a mean beach bag or tote.




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