Power Green Smoothie

Power Green Smoothie


500 ml Rice/Almond Milk

1 banana     

1 packed Cup spinach   

1 tbsp Coconut oil                

1 Cup frozen mango and pineapple

1 tbsp milled goji berries and flaxseeds health

1 tsp Maca powder (optional extra power)

Spinach is packed with Vits A, K and C and tons of calcium for great energy, bone and blood health. Blend everything together in a powerful blender and hand out the straws. Keeps in a glass bottle in the fridge for a few hours, up to overnight, for a fast breakfast turnaround, but at its very best straight out of the blender.

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One Comment

  1. Hannah Mahmoud

    Hi, just wondering where you get your Maca powder from & what brand you use?

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