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7 day sugar free plan

7 day sugar, gluten & dairy free Clean Up plan



Product Description

Just finished your 7 Day Plan and am definitely continuing sugar and gluten free as I feel SO much better. Thank you so much.

Kate, Mum of 2

As the seasons change, the kids go back to school and our systems could do with a pep up after an indulgent Easter, a long summer or Christmas, this inspiring Ebook has everything you need for a full week of deliciously healthy, effortless eating for parents and children alike without dairy, sugar or gluten.

A delicious recipe for every meal, every day for you and your babies, to make you feel great.

To make you feel energised, ready to get out of bed and glowing and for your children a boost in mood, concentration and sleeping.

It’s aim is to get you back on track or start a fresh journey to better health for you and your family.

Not only is she a brilliant cook, but she fundamentally knows what is good and what is bad in food.
Thomasina Miers, Masterchef Winner, Wahaca Founder, Mum of 2


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