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Deliciously Healthy Nanny Nutrition & Cooking Day


Deliciously Healthy Nanny Nutrition & Cooking Day


Product Description

“Magic Lizzie, thank you so much, it was a brilliant day for my Au Pair”

Thomasina Miers, Chef, Wahaca Founder, Mother of 2

Does your Nanny or Au Pair struggle with cooking up tasty, healthy meals every day? Would you like her to know a bit more about what kids really need?

This is the class to help all mums who want their kids to be eating the best even when they’re not at home to cook it:

Monday 6th February

Campden Hill Road, Kensington, London

10 am – 3pm

It starts with a basic but thorough nutrition talk ensuring that everyone’s up to speed with food groups, nutrient requirements, and where all these come from. What children need when and why.

There will be some discussion of eating from a child’s point of view. How to talk to children about healthy food. And how best to encourage and stimulate children to want to eat well, rather than standing over them telling them to finish their plates.

Touching on the importance of organic and seasonal food too.

And a run through of store cupboard essentials.

Then we’ll go through as many of the tasty, specially selected recipes as there’s time for – usually between 5 and 6 depending on skill levels.

Either way your Nanny will leave with lots of delicious food, reading material on nutrition, and a pack of the recipes we made,(all of which I’ll send to you as well) and hopefully tons of inspiration and ideas that will fill your kitchen (and your children) very shortly!

All recipes, ingredients and course materials are included in the price

Please bring a couple of tupperware boxes to take home the food we cook afterwards!

Love for the course:

“Magic Lizzie, thank you so much, it was a brilliant day for my Au Pair”

Tommi Miers, Chef, Wahaca Founder, Mother of 2

“I’ve really noticed a change in attitude with my Au Pair. She doesn’t force the children to finish their plates (which I always found difficult) and she has cooked a couple of great recipes that the kids have enjoyed. Somehow you managed to give her a new perspective and she has learned a lot that day, and not just about cooking – but being more sensitive to things from the children’s point of view. So I couldn’t be more grateful.” Kate, Mum of 2


Due to the time, effort and planning that goes into these events, all tickets are non-refundable. Do double check your diary before booking in!