4 Weeks to a Sugar Free Family


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I’m so excited to be finally sharing ALL my tools and tips and recipes for the easiest, tastiest, smartest and most kid-friendly way of getting the white stuff out of your kitchen and your system for life!

Without misery and deprivation. This is going to be a blast I promise!

It’s a HUGE deal, and can be really daunting, which is why I devised this specially tailored programme to walk you through every single step to a healthier, happier, more energetic and positive YOU this year.

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I’m one week in to the REBOOT and I feel so much better, a lot healthier, less bloated and I’ve lost 7 lbs too!”    Karen, Jan 2016

DO YOU WANT for your whole family?:

                                                        +          More Energy

                                                        +          Better Sleep

                                                        +          To shed extra pounds

                                                        +          The end of sugar cravings

                                                        +          More stable moods

Then this is the foolproof plan for you. A super simple, detailed programme to walk you through getting off sugar the easy and delicious way.

An amazingly easy, delicious plan covering EVERYTHING you need to ditch the white stuff for your whole family in just 4 weeks.

  • Introduction  and focus plan to start the month off
  • 4 x weekly emails to gear you up for the week ahead
  • 4 x LIVE CALLS with Lizzie to go over hot topics and general Q&A
  • 4 x Weekly Meal Plans
  • 40+ delicious recipes
  • Daily Timetable with hints and tips
  • Full Shopping Lists to save time
  • 1 week Maintenance Plan to keep you on the straight and narrow for life!
  • Regular motivational emails
  • The science made easy on what it does and why we can’t stop!


I’m so looking forward to starting this programme with you all, and can’t wait to see how you    


“This is so detailed I’m so impressed. All the recipes, lists and I especially like the list of extras other than the food. Truly a work of art. Thank you so much!” Kia, Teacher, Mum of 2, Los Angeles

“The recipes look so amazing, it’s all laid out so brilliantly, I can’t wait get started.” Georgina, Mum of 1, Australia

“Thanks so much, just got the plan and it looks FAB.” Joe

TESTIMONIALS from the 7 Day Plan

“I’ve got LOADS more energy, and am feeling amazing after your 7 Day Plan. I’m carrying on sugar free as it’s made all the difference. Thank you so much.” Kate, Mum of 2

“I woke up full of energy, from the moment I opened my eyes. I can’t wait to start the 21 Day Reboot.” Rachel, Mum of 3


+Due to the nature of the online product all sales are final and refunds can not be given