Rosé Royale

Rosé Royale

My friend appeared in my garden with a version of this from a NY bar recipe earlier this week and it’s as good as it sounds. I remade it a few times with some tweaks and it is just heavenly!

Be warned it is stronger than wine and way easier to drink!

Makes a large pitcher for about 6, depending on thirst levels!


  • 1 bottle Rosé

We used the classic from Mirabeau which they kindly sent us – ticking both my rosé requirements of being pale blush pink and from Provençe:

Mirabeau Rosé

  • 600ml  prosecco
  • 250 ml Pink Grapefruit Liqueur

I found this on Amazon:Gabriel Boudier Pink Grapefruit Liqueur, 50 cl

  • 1 Pink grapefruit, peel strips to garnish and squeeze a drop into each glass on serving
  • Sprig fresh mint
  • Much ice

Add the liqueur and rosé to a large jug with lots of ice and stir well together.

Pour into individual glasses and top up with a third pro secco to fill. Use the grapefruit peel to wipe round the rim of each glass and then add to drink with the mint to garnish.

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