Sweet Potato & Spinach Bhaji

Sweet Potato & Spinach Bhaji


2 Cups Gram Flour (Chickpea)

1 Cup (+ extra as needed) tbsp Water

100g Spinach, finely sliced

2 Red Onions sliced thinly

1 Large Sweet potato Grated (in a processor takes seconds)

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp Turmeric

½ tsp ground coriander 

2 tbsp Olive oil

Sea Salt and Pepper

The perfect fast meal when you want some green and some colour for the kids to get their chops round. But with lots of taste. Crunchy, tasty and packed with a host of vitamins and minerals. Sweet potato was a traditional treatment for diabetes as they’re great for stabilising blood sugar with loads of Vit C for immune systems too. And the hero, turmeric in here too adds a glorious colour, taste and an incredible super powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory, with a potency that has been compared to drugs such as hydrocortisone. A joy to watch children gobbling up so much spinach!

These can be made ahead and freeze well too.

Makes 10-12

Saute onion gently in oil for 10 minutes until softened but not browned. Mix Gram Flour with water and whisk to a smooth batter. Add grated sweet potato, spices, spinach and cooked onion and stir together.

Heat oil in large pan and spoon in small, flat patties. Fry til browned on both sides. Drain on kitchen roll, and serve immediately, whilst warm and crispy. Delicious served with Houmous and lime to drizzle over and dip into.

Cooked Bhajis can be stored in the fridge or freezer, but reheat thoroughly before eating. 

Gram Flour is naturally Gluten Free, and high in protein with lots of bone building minerals like manganese, calcium & magnesium


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  1. Hi. I made these bhajis today but I find the whole spinach leaves a bit difficult to mix with all the other ingredients. Should I have cut them in strips or leave them whole? Plus, once fried, it was a bit floppy. Is it meant to be like that? It did taste great though. I ran out of turmeric so replaced it with garam masala instead. I am addicted to sweet potatoes and will try roasting curly spiral fries tomorrow. Your food and smoothies have inspired me to eat gluten and sugar free. Feel less bloated. Thank you.

    • So pleased you’ve been inspired. So with the bhajis yes, definitely thinly sliced spinach. And they should be thin patties not high like a burger. This will ensure they crisp. And leave edges sticking out they don’t need to be neat and plump but flatter and thinner. Hope this helps and thank you so much for making them and taking the time to add this. Really helpful. So pleased you’re feeling less bloated. Lizzie x

  2. Amy Lauren Marland

    Hi lizzie

    Started following you in instagram and just been looking through some of your recipes. They look amazing! Can’t wait to make the bhajis 🙂

    Keep up the good work and inspiring people all over the world!

    Best wishes


    • Lizzie King

      Thanks so much Amy for saying that. Makes all the difference. I hope you make these soon cos they’re real winners! Have a lovely evening. X

    • I too am on a gluten free diet. So glad I found this reicpe; my first try and yummy! I reduced most of the ingredients by half as I just wanted to see what they turned out like, although kept the spicesthe same & added lemon juice as batter seemedtoo thick. Will be having tonight with veggie curry.

  3. Hi Lizzie, is there any way you can let me know roughly how many grams there are in 1 cup of the chickpea flour? I’m not very good cooking with cups… These look lovely and I’m looking forward to making them!

  4. After recently starting my fitness journey I’ve been looking for healthier ways to eat family meals I stumpled across your instagram. Cannot wait to get cooking! Would you mind if I posted some of your meals onto my blog when I recreate them. I will of course send people over here x

    • Hi there, How great, you’re getting into the healthy scene, and looking forward to cooking up the recipes. Please do post anything you make on your blog, I would just ask that you don’t replicate the recipe there, by all means mention my website and where they can find it though.
      Good luck.

  5. Wow these look utterly delicious x

  6. Hi! About to try this out, is it deep fried or shallow fried?

  7. These look so good. Ca t wait to make them. I love your Instagram page always giving me ideas. Can I ask is the sweet potato cooked or raw when grated? Thanks lucy

  8. tried these after buying your book Lizzie, absolutely yummy. Follow you on instagram, big fan here, x

  9. Hi Lizzie, I made these recently and they were delicious, thank you. I just wanted to double check about reheating them. I missed that first time round and ate some a couple of days later cold….they still tasted yum!

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