Telegraph Magazine Feature

Telegraph Magazine Feature

Can’t believe I was in the paper this weekend! Instagram in your 40s has never been an accolade I was after but there you go…..

Thank you all so much for all the love and support and everything else, as this wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

In case you missed it and wanted a read:

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  1. What a lovely article. Very honest. I first came across your site by simply seeing comments on Fearne Cotton’s Instagram purely by accident. The photos of your food always looks enticing and inspiring and that is what drew me to your site. I do keep checking your site for inspiration. It was through your site that I started to make changes to what I eat, namely less sugar and gluten free. Now that my store cupboard is stocked up with most of the ingredients you suggested, I can literally just look on your website for ideas and off I go without having to do another shop. A lot of meals I make are repetitive but it is quick and tasty and that is essential in my house. Well done Lizzie.

    • Thanks so much. Glad you liked it and so pleased you love the site and the recipes. Thank you for letting me know. X

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