Top 4 tips to get kids to sleep faster and better! (Or how to beat the Clock Change Craziness)

Top 4 tips to get kids to sleep faster and better! (Or how to beat the Clock Change Craziness)

It always seems like a good idea that the evenings are getting lighter and the days longer as the summer sun glints in the distance, but man the sudden transition for us last night was no fun for anyone.

And it’s why is it so much worse than jet lag with kids? I’ve managed to change time zones with kids and get off better than this one measly hour that killed us last night and made this morning pretty hellish too!

So I thought I should get together my TOP list of foods and tricks that really do help with sleep; that I’ve used and work or that I’ve read up on and ALSO work! To keep the crazy at bay when it’s light at night and no-one wants to sleep, before you reach for the stronger stuff!

    1.  Melatonin is the master sleep hormone and we make it naturally in the body, but with jet-lag, insomnia or the pesky clock change we can get out of whack, one of the only foods that has high enough levels are Sour Cherries! And this magical drink is the bomb.                                                                                                                                                                             It has been shown to add an HOUR of sleep to kids!  Just add this to some yoghurt with a dash of honey and whizz it up. Cherry Juice Magic – for an hour more sleep!      

Optima Montmorency Cherry Juice Super Concentrate 500ml

2.   Boost those levels of tryptophan – its’s an amino acid that calms with natural sedative properties so just the job;

potatoes, millet, butter beans, turkey and eggs all have high levels, so try this one out:

Sausage, Butterbean & Mushroom Casserole or my Turkey and Cumin Pie which is on Page 150 of my book Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food .

            3.  Magnesium  – is often something we’re lacking, but is a crucial mineral and especially useful when it comes to winding down as it helps the muscles relax. Foods like cashews, avocados, dates and prawns have lots, and a great one is a banana before bed, as they have magnesium, potassium and melatonin so you get the trio!

I bought this oil last year and I spritz it on lower arms when we’re having a tough time getting to sleep, it works really well!

Better You Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray 100ml

4. Lavender – has been used as a sleep aid for centuries and studies have shown that it not only helps get your o sleep faster, it makes you sleep better AND feel more refreshed in the morning. Again, this delicious misting spray that you spritz onto the pillow before bed has been used inner house for ages and REALLY DOES WORK!

Tisserand 100 ml Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

And then there’s just the classic tips that I sometimes forget but really can make a difference when you’re wrangling with lack of sleep on all fronts:

  • No screens just before bed
  • Dark rooms – I’ve used blackout binds going away always, mine sleep so much faster when they’re not distracted by everything around them
  • Routine of time and story etc helps kids to get ready for sleep
  • Simple but so damn crucial is the no sugar thing, and most particularly before bed, get rid of those sneaky fruity yoghurts and snack bars that just spike the sugar levels and make bed time a nightmare!

Good luck and let’s hope we can get to the summer evenings with kids in bed and a glass in hand very soon!

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