My top store cupboard staples

My top store cupboard staples

……….And where to get them (without leaving your house!)*

*nothing sponsored I just use all this stuff

After being asked where I get my ingredients so often, I thought I should have a list together for you, to make it easier to grab whatever you need with a click of the mouse.

The least wasteful (time and food) way to shop I find is with a plan and also from my phone/computer, plus I don’t have time to run to the shops every time I need stuff,  so I often buy in bulk on Amazon, supermarkets and great people online etc. Saving anyone from tramping the aisles of a shop with kids in tow and no idea where to look!

With a plan and a few staples you can get some banging food on the table so fast. This is your passport to happiness I promise.


I have a delivery from the fabulous people at RIVERFORD  once a week. You can choose size of box and what you want to add or take out, but it’s a fabulous way of having fresh, organic fruit and veg to hand at all times.


Roasting kale, sprinkling onto omelettes, in cashew butter, this Nutritional Yeast is a flavour bomb. IT’s great for Vegans and Vegetarians as it has B12 in it, which can be low if you’re not eating animal products:

Engevita Savoury Yeast Condiment With B12 125 g (Pack of 3)


I always need chocolate. And I make things involving it a lot. The quality of your cocoa is KEY. This is what I use, it’s the BEST cocoa powder around and it makes all the difference I promise:

Callebaut cocoa powder – 1kg bag


As a coeliac I use a whole lot of different flours, but feel free to pick and choose, these are just my faves. And you can obviously get smaller quantities, but I like to have a stash of stuff as its cheaper and I know we’ll eat it.

As a staple:

For my Banana Bread, Pancakes and so much more:

Doves Farm Gram Flour 1 kg (Pack of 5)


So many to choose from, but these are the three I use all the time, for frying, roasting or baking.

Coconut Oil has a really high smoke point so is great for super high heats, frying etc:

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 444 ml

If you want it without the coconut flavour, there is a flavourless one too:

Biona Coconut Oil Cuisine Mild and Odourless 875 ml


Almonds are my base for so many things, making Almond Milk, Energy balls, Muesli, Granola or just a handful as a snack.

Buy Whole Foods Organic Almonds 1 Kg

Cashews are also eaten many times a day by someone. I throw them in whole to smoothies, iced coffee etc to make the texture creamy. Also organic is key as they are given a toxic ride otherwise…

Buy Whole Foods Organic Cashew Nut Pieces 1 Kg


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    • Lizzie King

      If you go to the store cupboards bit. Fill in your email. And you’ll be added. Or send it to me and I’ll manually add you. So sorry.

  2. Rebecca Knight (glitterymarmite)

    Hi Lizzie I have pre-ordered and clicked the link from Instagram to get here, but I still can’t see how to get the above recipes. I’m on my iPhone, not sure if that makes a difference…

    • Lizzie King

      Click on the link where it says RECIPE BUNDLE, fill in your email and it will be sent straight to you.
      Let me know that you get them all. Hope you love them!

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